7 Halloween Treats that Will Passive Aggressively Let the Neighborhood Kids Know They Should Probably Stay off Your Fucking Property Next Year

A lot of people have been asking me lately, “Cindy, why are kids so fucking awful?” To these people, I usually reply: my name’s not Cindy. Nonetheless, these questions did get me thinking,… Continue reading

A Message From our Sponsor, Wood

HEY YOU! Yes, YOU, the one with the eyes, doing the action. Want $$MONEY$$? How about POWER ?? PSYCHIC ABILITIES?  SEX with the partner of your choice?  Well, you can HAVE IT ALL… Continue reading

13 Baby Seals Not Too Psyched About Seal Clubbing

And one seal about to be bummed about seal clubbing

7 Gifts for Your Grad

  Graduation season is upon us. What will you be giving your grad? 1)   $200,000 plus to be spent on sleeping in ’til noon, engaging in interesting material, having others actually give a… Continue reading

Chris Christie Announces He’ll Run in 2016

After taking the initial step of procuring gastric-band surgery earlier this year, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R) announced yesterday at a press conference that he intends to start jogging as early as 2016. “My… Continue reading

13 Animals Totally Bummed about the Current State of the Media

Kim Jong-un: April Fools! North Korea Doesn’t Have the Brawn to Attack the US

Man oh man, I got you Americans good! I mean, really? Our missiles can’t even make it out of North Korea, let alone reach DC of all places. I mean, maybe, just maybe,… Continue reading

Meet Diogenite’s Newest Contributor! Most Handsome and Supreme Leader of the Only Korea, Kim Jong-un

Supreme leader of North Korea, son of the star of Team America: World Police, mass synchronized marching choreographer, husband and  occasional contributor to Diogenite are all components of Kim Jong-un’s most distinguished resume. Kim is a champion… Continue reading

Op-Ed: Strong Feminist Role Models to Look to on International Women’s Day

This is a GUEST POST by Bosley, Diogenite’s and our sister site Asinus Et’s canine correspondent. Read more about Bosley here.       With much of the animal kingdom still struggling for… Continue reading

Dog Develops Serious Case of Stockholm Syndrome

This is a GUEST POST by Bosley, Diogenite’s and our sister site Asinus Et’s canine correspondent. You can read more about and by Bosley here.       Today in Ann Arbor, a… Continue reading